Portable coffebrewer

6 november, 2015

Have you ever wished to remain exactly where you are and still be able to get the instant gratification of fresh brewed coffee? The problem with most coffee brewers today is that you’re bound and can’t brew “on the go” so to speak. I became interested in solving this issue by making a portable maker


Branding Nike

15 februari, 2015

This is my first workshop project. The assignment was to build a prototype of a hairdryer, and we were free to choose whatever brand we liked. The brand I chose was Nike because I like their form-language and graphical elements.


Branding Moccamaster

15 februari, 2015

On the 8th of October we were assigned to design a coffee machine for truck drivers.



15 februari, 2015

This week we had a form exercise in school and the task was to create smartglasses. We only had one week of sketching so it was all about sketching fast and using tools that we felt comfortable working with. My personal goal for this exercise was to challenge myself doing something I normally wouldn’t do.



15 februari, 2015

This is my second rendering ever in Photoshop. I made this as a work sample when I applied to Umeå bachelorprogramme in industrial design.

Adidas a3 vänster

Branding Adidas

14 februari, 2015

A work sample that I made about a year ago when I applied to Umeå bachelorprogramme in industrial design.