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15 februari, 2015

On the 8th of October we were assigned to design a coffee machine for truck drivers.

About the assignment

My group got truck drivers as our target group. Our persona (Sandra the truck driver) wanted to be able to have more time during her breaks. Her schedule didn’t allow for many breaks, so she needed to make the most out of them. With this idea she didn’t have to spend as much time preparing the coffee as she used to. Another idea was for Sandra to be able to make coffee while she was driving and thereby eliminating stops completely. Especially during the night and when she was really short on time.

Core values:

Product safety
Environmentally friendly


The result

We brainstormed together but we designed the product separately and this is the solution I came up with. A neat portable coffee percolator for truck drivers. The overall idea was that the coffee machine was connected to some sort of application that hade their driving schedule programmed into it. The machine could then see when a break was coming up and prepare the coffee in advance. If the drivers wanted to have an unscheduled break they could simply turn the wheel and do it manually.


Materials: Some sort of magnetic bottom so it stays stable in the truck. Silicon for better grip and a wheel that works like a timer. The turning of the small wheel on the coffee machine determinds the strength of the coffee.

Copyright: Elin Ökvist


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