15 februari, 2015

This week we had a form exercise in school and the task was to create smartglasses. We only had one week of sketching so it was all about sketching fast and using tools that we felt comfortable working with. My personal goal for this exercise was to challenge myself doing something I normally wouldn’t do.


Subject: Future vision

Normally I like to design products that are realistic, functional and minimalistic. And therefore I chose to do the opposite this week and  went with a futuristic sci-fi kind of look on my smartglasses. The category of glasses I chose to work with was ”hunting glasses”. Why? Because they don’t really exist on the market right now, and I had a lot of ideas that would be interesting.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-14 kl. 14.41.39


This picture to the left (image from pinterest) was one of many that I got inspired by for this project.
The thing that I really liked was the matte beveled look to it.

Hunting glasses result




  • The glasses are a combination of binocular and smartglasses. The hunter glasses has a X&Y coordinate-system built in that tells you where e.g. the reindeer is located.
  • Indicator that tells you what weather/temperature/humidity it is right now and also for the next hour.
  • The camera and the mic work together. Similar to the ”Siri” function on the Iphone. If you for e.g. says: ”Footprints reeindeer”, the  cameras will be searching for resemblance in patterns and give you feedback if it finds any.
  • Bluetooth to connect with your hunting buddies. Scenario: You see a reeindeer and you also want your buddie to locate it. Take a snapshot of the  coordinates and send a message to your buddy.
  • GPS in 3D to keep track where your friends are and your dog may be if you have one.
  • Push a button to switch color on the glass for different terrain/weather.
  • Infrared laser for e.g. measuring distance.
  • Wires attached to your skin for measuring your oxygen levels/ keep track of your values etc.
  • Heat sensor and artificial anatomical image – to help your during hunting
  • Shooting function similar to the popular game ”Angry birds”. The idea is to sync your weapon and glasses so that you can see how the shot will turn out.

Basic RGB



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